FOB - Who we are

We are the new generation
of freight forwarders

Our proposal

We are a digital native freight forwarder created in Spain specialized in international transport of goods. We come from a family with extensive experience in the sector and have been absorbing all their knowledge for more than a decade. Now it is our turn; that of a generation capable of modernizing logistics, adapting it to the needs of the 21st century.

Our innovative online platform (Saas) allows you to work and coordinate each of the logistics operations in a comfortable and intuitive way. With it, the management of the entire chain of freight (transport, customs, warehouses ...) is at any time and from anywhere.

FOB - Who we are

FOB - Who we are

Our declaration of intent

The Saas digital platform is 100% customer experience.
It revolutionizes the concept of transport agency and ensures:

FOB - Who we are

FOB - Who we are

All the necessary information about the status of the shipment is available, allowing you to efficiently manage resources and plan the flow of goods without unnecessary costs.


You have access to all services related to logistics, such as transportation, customs, warehouses, tariffs, and even financing. All without having to deal with infinite emails or expensive phone calls


The cost of operations is known in advance, avoiding surprises or complications. As well as all the necessary documentation, presented in a clear and simple way.


A personalized and tailored treatment is offered for each client. Available where, how and when you want.

Our philosophy

We believe in win-win and we are honestly involved in each of the client's needs.
At FOB, we want to be much more than a logistics company ; We want you to feel that we are part of yours.

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